Our Story

MFE is Made For Everyone

Founded by Howard Monk in Montreal, Canada in 1999, MFE Sports has become a high-quality sportswear provider for men, women and children of all backgrounds.
Through two decades of extensive feedback and brainstorming sessions with athletes, athletic trainers, and coaches during postgame media scrums and locker room visits, we have educated ourselves about the varied preferences of athletes when it comes to fit and to the desired materials for their sportswear. Combined with rigorous research and development, we have developed a simple set of products for matching the wider ranging preferences of athletes.
Through word-of-mouth from athletic trainers and equipment managers, our reputation for delivering high-quality, durable and affordable products has spread across professional sports leagues, top-tier academic athletic programs, and youth sports leagues across North America. While continuing to supply these sports institutions with MFE sportswear, we’ve decided that it’s finally time that we offer our products directly to you!

Our Values

Diversity – People come from all different backgrounds. We believe that diversity on all playing fields is what gives strength to a team and his community. We do not tolerate discrimination in any form.
Inclusivity – Sports are “made for everyone”. We are committed to fostering an environment where people from all social, ethnic and physical backgrounds have the ability to participate in sport.
Community – Supporting individuals and communities is a social responsibility in which we take pride. Our intent is to level the playing field: every sale we make is a commitment to giving a portion of the proceeds back to causes that we feel help accomplish our goal of improving our environment and community through sports.

Our Story

MFE is Made For Everyone

Whether you?re an athlete, teacher, graphic artist or a parent chasing little ones around the park, MFE?s equalizer is our collective desire for a durable yet affordable product that can be worn anywhere.

In the early 2000s, our design innovators broke the mold and produced a shirt that caught the attention of all four major professional sports leagues, dozens of high-level US college programs and even the world of mixed martial arts.

Until now, this game-changing apparel was only available through equipment managers.

Instead of white-labeling our products to the big name brands who gauge consumers to pay unreasonably high prices, we?ve decided to let everyone feel like they can conquer the world without breaking the bank.

We believe that clothes made for everyone, should be affordable to everyone.

what people say about us

I travel at least two weeks a month for business and there?s no better shirt to wear on the plane. I know I can count on it to deliver that clean, crisp look I need to have at any given moment.

Me and my girlfriend used to fight before going out about what I wanted to wear-something that?s not what I wear to work. Finally a shirt that feels great and looks great at the same time!

My cousin?s friend is the equipment manager in the CFL and he confirmed me these shirts are the real deal and a steal at 40 bucks. Thank you MFE for helping the little guy.

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