Locally-Made Clothes: Ensuring a Sustainable Future

Ethically-sourced and locally-made clothes are becoming a rarity in today’s world. And that’s something we at MFE Sports feel is leading to considerable problems in the industry.

However, there’s still some hope. It’s a shame, but in light of recent events a lot of people have come to understand the importance of supporting their local business communities.

The investment you make in your local businesses will provide a much more sustainable future for generations to come. And buying locally-made clothes is one of the highest-impact ways you can do that.

Here are just some of the reasons why shopping locally makes such a big difference:

You’re Sustaining the Local Economy

By purchasing clothes made locally, you’re creating the demand for more jobs in your area. Plus, it contributes to broader economic development on a provincial and national level.

Moreover, without the demand for local labour, manufacturing ends up exported offshore. Along with that export goes the technical knowledge to continue innovating in that industry and a degree of economic autonomy.

You’re Supporting Fair Labour Standards

Often, clothes manufacturing is outsourced to countries with subpar worker protection standards. Regardless of how many requirements and rules a buyer sets for suppliers, if the profit isn’t there to treat workers well, it’s not going to happen.

Sadly, safety regulations and human rights often take a back seat to profit margins. Conversely, when products are sourced locally, we have a good idea that the working conditions of the people making those clothes meet Canadian standards. This is why MFE Sports makes a concerted effort to ensure that
each and every product you get from us is coming from a local and ethical source.

You’re Reducing Waste and Pollution

In an effort to squeeze out ever-smaller profit margins, global giants like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and many others are forced to outsource their manufacturing to developing nations. These nations, such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, and China end up paying enormous environmental costs as a result of this manufacturing.

In addition, when you buy locally-made clothes, you’re directly reducing the need for complex supply chains. Local manufacturing directly reduces the carbon footprint of creating clothes and delivering them to consumers.

And, you can be sure the clothes you purchase locally were made with strict adherence to waste disposal guidelines. Establishing and respecting these guidelines is crucial to advance sustainable environmental stability. In many of the biggest clothes-manufacturing nations, these guidelines are insufficient at best and barely present at worst.
For all these reasons and many more, at Made for Everyone, we’re dedicated to creating and delivering locally-made fitness and outdoor apparel. All our products are hand-stitched with pride in Montreal, Canada from locally-sourced fabrics.