Ditching Fast Attire for Sustainable Sportswear

Ditching Fast Attire for Sustainable Sportswear

Whether its hiking in the great Canadian outdoors, going for that relaxing jog around the neighbourhood, or even working out at the gym, we all need that sportswear that will be comfortable, durable, and, above all, top quality. Moreover, with the rise of an eco-friendly 1 awareness around the world, we also need to keep our attire sustainable. However, who can we trust to keep us supplied with the gear that we need to take us to the next level in the world of fitness? Who can we trust to provide us with the clothes capable of matching our intensity?

Well, for one thing, it isn’t the big brand retailers.

Going hand-in-hand with mass production and quick turnover, these retailers are some of the largest polluters on the planet. Processing polyester into cheaply made “fast fashion2, their factories emit large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and release several tons of micro-fibers into the ocean. These companies are polluting both land and sea to save on costs, savings which do not ultimately pass on to their customers, us.

This is because with every workout the materials thin out, with every jog the seams become stretched, and as we sweat the stains accumulate. There also isn’t much we could even do to extend these outfits’ shelf lives, since just washing them eventually wears out the dyes put into the fabric, dulling bright colors, and leaving all other laundry covered in micro-plastic3 . Even the products’ cheap prices give us little comfort since we would have to buy new clothes time and time again whenever our recent purchases break down4 .

That is why here at MFE Sports, we embrace the world of Sustainable Fashion5 . We ditch the “fast” for the sustainable, the cheap for the durable, and the temporary for the long-lasting. We keep our active- wear top-level and high quality with prime materials, the kinds that don’t mind actual use and can deal with the intensity. With our hand stitched and odor-resistant apparel, all produced locally, we’ll keep you ready for that next step in fitness while maintaining great style and comfort.

We are proud to share that we are not the only ones that stand behind the quality of our sportswear and fitness attire. In fact, for over 20 years, several pros from the Canadian Football League, National Hockey League, and Major League Baseball have been able to take their performance to the next level while wearing our brand. Following them are many student athletes across Canada, all training intensely, with our fitness wear to match.

That is ultimately what we at MFE Sports have to offer. We provide locally made, durable and affordable sportswear, all with your fitness well in mind. With our workout clothes, you can train as hard as you want without worrying about wear and tear. You can rest easy knowing that we stuck by Sustainable Fashion, keeping it all domestic and eco-friendly.

So, become a Member of our Community! Check our website for all your fitness needs. You’ll be glad to know that we have a range of clothes made for just about Everyone.