MFE Sports is a proud supplier of athletic apparel to professional sports teams, top-tier academic athletic programs, and youth sports leagues across North America. Our sportswear product line is a result of over two decades of extensive feedback, brainstorming sessions and R&D with athletes, athletic trainers, and equipment managers. Now, we are proud to finally make our sportswear accessible to everyone.

Behind Our Products

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  • 6026 Men’s Hybrid T-Shirt 85/15

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  • 606 Men’s Heavy Weight Compression Shorts

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  • 618 Men’s Long Sleeve Compression

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  • MFE Mask

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Don?t just take our word for it

Its rare to find such a durable, high end product like MFE. I see first-hand how many times we wash our clothing and it remains as good as new. Whether it?s underwear, sweatshirts or their compression line, all their products breathe well and smell fresh after a wash.

Every one of our players likes something different under their equipment. Some like compression fit, some like it loose, and some guys are very particular when it comes to their fit and fabric. MFE makes it easy for us to cater to our guys. It?s literally made for everyone.

After years of wearing MFE throughout my playing career in the CFL, I still to this day continue to wear it. There?s something to be said about reaching into your drawer and grabbing a quality product that feels good on you.

Henri Burris



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